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Spanish Level 2 – Pre-Intermediate

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Spanish Level 2 - Pre-Intermediate


Norma, Lupita

About this course

Designed for those with some knowledge of Spanish looking to take their knowledge to the next level, Pre-Intermediate Spanish is a great fit for people who already have a basic understanding of the language but want to improve to be able to interact with foreigners in international companies or the tourist industry.

In this class you’ll gain the necessary vocabulary to make plans, give orders, and comply with customer requests. You’ll also get plenty of practice interacting in Spanish giving you confidence in your ability to speak with and understand Spanish speakers around the world.

At Heritage we’ve earned a reputation for successfully teaching students who had been unable to learn at any other school. If you’ve tried and failed or never had the courage to try to learn Spanish, you’ve come to the right place!

Typical Duration: 60 class hours / 12 weeks

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