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Hindi Level 2 – Pre-Intermediate

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Hindi Level 2 - Pre-intermediate


Deeksha​, Deepak, Meenakshi

About this course

Focused specifically on the practical aspects of communicating in Hindi, Pre-intermediate is designed to take you from a basic understanding of Hindi into true communication in your new language.

You’ll learn to communicate in past, present, and future tenses, allowing you to tell stories, make plans, and understand the feelings of those around you. Our focus in this course is equipping you to interact with shopkeepers, friends, and anyone else you speak with. You’ll also continue to build your vocabulary giving you an ever-increasing ability to choose your words and express yourself.

Classes can be tailored to students’ needs and interests. We’ve customized classes to focus on conversation, culture and even job interviews. We can also customize classes for those with different learning styles, and have earned a reputation for successfully teaching students who had been unable to learn at any other school.

Typical Duration: 260 class hours / 26 weeks

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