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Housing options in Dehradun and Lucknow are plentiful and quite reasonably priced at roughly half the cost of comparable options in Delhi. Local real estate agents can help with paperwork requirements and finding housing options that are within your budget. For those studying in Dehradun, we recommend Good World Study Abroad for orientation and help with accommodations upon arrival.

Before arriving in India, it may be helpful to consider what type of housing you are interested in pursuing:

Perfect for singles and younger students looking for an immersive experience, homestays give the advantage of living with a local Indian family and sharing their table. Homestay students truly get an “insider’s perspective” on life in India.

Ranging from 1-3 bedrooms, apartments represent a more modern living arrangement compared with other options in India. Some apartments offer amenities such as communal meeting areas, pool and recreation facilities, and even on-site shopping and dining options.

Perhaps the most common housing arrangement for foreigners in India, 2-3 bedroom house flats represent a unique option owing to Indian tradition. As Indian families traditionally live together under one roof, a high number of homes are built with 5 or more rooms, often with separate entrances to each floor.

House flats are typically rented as an entire floor of the house with a private entrance. This offers an enticing option for couples and families looking to balance privacy with an immersive cultural experience.

For larger families and those seeking more privacy, rental of an entire house is also an option. Rental homes typically feature 2-6 bedrooms and can be multi-story.